Ceremonies to Reflect You…

“A Wedding Ceremony is about the words spoken and vows shared to become husband and wife…this is why you gather for your wedding and it should be memorable, heartfelt, romantic, and special.  I have been honored to perform many wonderful wedding ceremonies, each one has been unique and different. Whether you are looking for something sweet and simple to a ceremony filled with wedding traditions, or one completely out of the ordinary, I bring forth experience and care about fulfilling your dreams.” 

Rev. Sharon Rusk


The Right Wedding Vows

There are so many ways to express your love for each other, and to many, the wedding vows and the words spoken at your ceremony set the tone for your magical day. Marriage is the promise between two people who love each other, who trust in that love, and who wish to share the rest of their lives together.

I will guide and consult you while I gather your input for what you want to be said and shared. I have many loving ceremonies in my repertoire that can serve as a roadmap to find exactly where you want the ceremony to lead: a destination unique to you. I have many ideas and years of experience, so together, we will incorporate your desires to personalize your ceremony. Perhaps you would like to write your own vows, include a family tradition or children, add a unity element, prayer, verse, poem, song, remembrance of loved ones, or something completely new to make the ceremony one that expresses you as a couple and your love. I am here to make your ceremony special that will leave your guests thinking, “Wow, your ceremony fits you perfectly!”

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