About “I Do” Tahoe Weddings

Sharon Minidter PictureYour wedding should be one of the greatest moments in your lives.  I would like to make it special and filled with love.

A marriage is the blending of two individuals each having different backgrounds, religions, and beliefs to combine as one.

As the owner of “I Do” Tahoe Weddings, and a minister of ceremonies for over twenty years, I have high standards and have worked hard to achieve a high level of professionalism and respect in my community and profession.  I give each and every wedding and couple the utmost care, grace, and personal attention. I want you both to be able to enjoy the moment when you say “I Do.”

I also bring to “I Do” Tahoe Weddings many years of experience in the field of Special Event Management.  With my in depth attention to detail and organization you may relax and focus on what is really important to you.

I have loved living at Lake Tahoe’s beautiful South Shore for over 30 years and raising my two family here. It is truly a special place.  Some of my couples live at Lake Tahoe but many are creating a destination wedding here.  It is my intent to guide you with experience and sincerity so you will have a heartfelt and meaningful ceremony.

With a spiritual, open minded upbringing in the beautiful state of Oregon and I grew up amongst nature’s churches on the rivers and the mountains, along with regular Sunday School at a non-denominational church.  I studied, in-depth, world religions at the University of Portland and became an ordained non-denominational minister with degrees in Business Administration and Fine Arts.

My goal is to fulfill your requests and  make certain your wedding ceremony is special. I feel honored by each and every couple I marry and blessed when you have placed your trust in my hands.

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